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I have dedicated the last four years, and hopefully more to come, to researching spirituality, carefully treading the line between “the beauty of science” and “the power of mystery.” Through this research, I have learned that even people who are not religious experience spiritual needs. Yet, I have also found that science cannot fulfill those needs. Even though science provides an incredible method for understanding our world, it does not provide the same community, guidelines for peace, or meaning in life that are often associated with spirituality. If we view science and spirituality as opposites, we lose the richness that the combination has to offer.

These findings bring up questions: Is it possible to bridge the scientific and the spiritual? Is there a way to live a life that is peaceful and meaningful, while also logical and knowledgeable? If this is all possible—and I think it is—then the biggest question is, how?

I have created the Science of Connectedness blog to explore this last question. Through my research and personal seeking, I have discovered—and am continuing to discover—a variety of spiritual tools for lasting peace, happiness, and well-being. This blog is my way to share my discoveries with you—from one seeker to another. My hope is that you will sift through and find tools that work for you, tools to add to your personal “spiritual tool belt.” In turn, I also hope this blog can open up a conversation about different ideas and research on spirituality, so please comment and contact me—I like to learn, too!

Finally, like a true scientist, I fully believe in defining terms before conversing, so please check out my post on how I define spirituality (I’ll give you a hint: it involves Connectedness!).

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